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#JoinTheHerd is a campaign instigated by Wild Aid, a non-profit organisation which works towards eliminating the demand for, and consumption of, illegally traded wildlife products such as elephant ivory and shark fin.

The #JoinTheHerd campaign focuses on stopping the ivory trade and saving elephants from extinction. They have labelled 2016 the ‘Year of the Elephant’ and want to make it the first year where ‘more African elephants are born than killed by poachers’. With their slogan ‘When the Buying Stops, the Killing Can Too’, they aim to persuade consumers to be ivory free. In addition to enlisting support through including their image in social media profiles, the year-long campaign will also include a variety of celebrity events, rallies and design/photography competitions.

Many celebrities across the globe have shown their support and joined the movement including actors, authors, musicians and sport stars. Amongst the list of supporters are Yoko Ono, Bo Derek, David Beckham, Jackie Chan and singer/songwriter Alikiba.

Wild Aid states that approximately 25,000 elephants are slaughtered for their ivory every year. In addition to the dwindling elephant population, the ivory trade continues to be linked to violence, corruption, militant groups and organised crime. ‘To make 2016 the Year of the Elephant, the #JoinTheHerd movement is calling upon the worldwide closure of ivory markets and is asking the US, China and Hong Kong to provide specific details and a detailed timeline for phasing out ivory sales.’(Wild Aid website). 


You can show your support and help make the vision of Wild Aid a reality by changing your profile photo and uploading it to Facebook. Go to: You can also join over 19,000 supporters and submit your pledge to be part of the solution and live ivory free. Go to



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